Here’s what people are saying about The Treble with Music:

“I teach a VPK (Pre-K) class at The Village Academy South and I look forward to music class with Andrea Duke and so does my students. I feel her program ” The Treble with Music” is so valuable because it not only teaches them songs and music but they are learning listening skills, math skills (such as pattern),  memorization skills, language skills, and more. Not to mention it’s fun. She is wonderful at keeping the students engaged and entertained. I would recommend this program for any child.” 

“Loved our music class this semester with Mrs. Duke! She’s energetic, professional, and kids love her. Check out if looking for group or private lessons. Thumbs up!”

“….it’s a wonderful time for the kids and good for their brain development.”

“You’re doing great stuff with them. What looks like just playing and fun is turning on and tuning in to the world of music.”

“Thank you so much, (my son) enjoyed your class immensely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him rapt in attention as he was during your class. I think that is a testament to your teaching skills.”

“Thank you for making the music class such a positive experience for my 6-year-old.  I asked him if he would like to take any more music classes with Mrs. Duke and he responded enthusiastically, “Oh, yes!  I want to take all the classes!  They are so much FUN!”  I couldn’t help but chuckle; my little wiggle worm had been captivated.  I appreciate your professionalism and kindness in class.  It is clear that you have a passion for music and skill as an educator – an exceptional combination!  The joy of learning is a priceless gift and I can’t thank you enough.”    

“I believe your style of teaching is universal and would benefit students from a wide spectrum of age and levels.  Because you incorporated auditory, manipulative, and visual games/songs this class would be suited for a child with any type of learning mode.  It really was more of a music/play-games/get-the-wiggles-out and have-fun class!”

“Mrs. Duke has a knack for engaging the children and for making music alive and fun.  The kids thought they were playing, but were, in fact, learning very fundamental and essential music skills.  I would highly recommend any of Mrs. Duke’s classes as a great introduction to music, as well as a resource for continuing musical education.”     

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