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General mThe Queen Take Twousic classes are offered to provide a child the opportunity to explore, experience, and perform various music skills and concepts.  For these classes, I accept students as young as three years old up through fifth grade (although some locations are younger), and have divided these ages into two levels.  Each level uses age-appropriate materials and activities to help reinforce the concepts being taught.  Here is a basic description of each level, as well as the designated ages for each one:

Level One (PK-2nd grades) – Interactive instruction that will keep kids on the move!  Lessons involve active listening, singing, keeping a steady beat, playing games that employ musical concepts and heighten musical awareness, using children’s literature, playing hand-held percussion instruments, looking for patterns, and learning about composers and different types of music.

Level Two (3rd-5th grades) – Learning to identify musical symbols and concepts, and making sense of the musical system.  Lessons include comparing values, learning the difference between rhythm and steady beat, understanding musical form, using children’s literature, singing, playing hand-held percussion instruments and the recorder, introduction to note reading, and learning about composers and different types of music.

Also – I will provide a written assessment at the end of each session that will summarize what each student worked on, and any observations that I made during their learning experience. All students will thrive in this fun, safe environment, and will feel comfortable exploring and creating their own love and interpretation of music!


The cost per child in a homeschooling co-op is $8/class, and classes are held according to the co-op’s calendar.  The cost per 1/2 hour class for a preschool is $55, and classes are held according to the preschool’s calendar.  Invoicing and payment agreements will be made prior to the beginning of the school year.
Grieg's song!Please make checks payable to: The Treble with Music, LLC.

Friend Discount:  For every friend that you refer that enrolls, you will receive $10 off in the next semester.

Multi-class Discount:  Sign up for two classes (such as a TTWM class and a piano or guitar lesson) at one time and get $10 off each child enrolled.

This page is for information only.  There are no general classes being offered at this time.  Check back again, or contact Andrea Duke for more information by clicking on the “Contact Me” tab above.



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